Monday, September 28, 2009

More I Top Ideas! The finishing details!

Played with my I top again this weekend. This time, I made a cover for the Cricut Jukebox, and wanted to have the perfect touch of the end of my drawstrings. So, used the steps below:
1) Fussy cut your fabric. See the second picture for the fussy cut fabric.
2) Place glue dot on the top of a Dritz button using the same button size as one of your I Top brads. Make sure the button top is the same shape as the I top brad shape (Dritz has two styles).
3) Center fabric on the button and place in the I top as you would your brad cover
4) Remove the shank from your Dritz button back using pliers. You can do this on some of the I top brads, but some of them are not easily removed. The first picture shows the button with shank, the second photo has the button back with no shank.
5) Place glue dot on the end of your ribbon pull string and attach it the inside of the back button piece
6) Place the button back on the I top as you would the brad back and assemble as you would the brads from I top.
7) To finish the back of the button, place a piece of bling with a glue dot.
Another beautiful I top creation! See third picture.
And the last picture, the Jukebox Cover. Can you tell that I love to embellish and hate to dust?

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  1. love the new background! Could you change the color of your print so old crafters like me can read it :)



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