Friday, May 7, 2010

How Do You Photography Your Work Well?

Just finished this Cricut Cake Cover. A custom order to match a pink Kitchen Aide Mixer. I am struggling to get the color right in this photo. Do you see how the pink has a violet cast to it in the whole cover picture? Yet on the flower close up, you see the true pink? Perhaps it is time for that photography class! I never feel the pictures do justice to the real thing, whether I am photographing a cover or a page. I would also like to get more ideas about staging and location. Will have to add these to the to do list! Any tips you have are appreciated!
I am still getting ready for Mother's Day and have lots of cooking and cleaning. So, I will keep this short and hope to share something over the weekend.


  1. I need some work on my photo skills as well! The only way I can get the colors to look good is to go outside -( this is a problem when it is cold, windy, or raining!) I found a spot just outside my front door with some indirect soft light - I never have to mess with editing the colors when I take them outside.

    What I would like is to be able to take the same photo from indoors - I too would like some suggestions on this!!

  2. I love your sense of color!

    It is faint, but I do see the violet cast in the pink. I find purples the most difficult to capture with a digital camera. My best advise is to take several photos at different times of the day and on different natural conditions. For this particular item, I think some diffuse natural light would work. The colors are so pale, I would also try to avoid using the flash.

  3. natural light is your best friend when taking pics....

  4. Happy Mother's Day!! I have not forgotten about the links. :) I'm working on lots of stuff for the EtsyBloggers team!

    Gosh I spend way too much time on my photos. Taking out the backgrounds, creating a "floating" effect, and brightening colors. I believe the photo sells the product when online shopping. However unless that product sells many times over, then the amount of editing I do would not be worth it. I love my photos...but they're ALOT of work. Kinda like my kids!!! LOL.

    Other than the Photoshop way, I am sure that natural lighting is best! Taken at various angles. I take a dozen photos of each product, then select the 5 best for Etsy from there.

    Your photos look great! There is also an easy program called "Gimp" that can help brighten them up if you wanted to.

    Have a great weekend!!



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