Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Tree Peony is Blooming!

I love my tree peonies! This one is my favorite! The variety is called Shimadajin Purple. Sorry for the bad picture, but I remembered to photograph this late in the day and it is so windy, I don't know how long the blooms will last. I have cut one for myself to enjoy.
These Tree Peonies should get to 4 to 5 feet! Yes, you heard me right. It is not the perennial peonies I grew up with. These will be more the size of a lilac bush. I am looking forward to seeing how this will look as a full grown bush! Oh, and I kill all my house plants, yet this is doing well. Look into these tree peonies! I got a yellow tree peony for my Mother in Law for Mother's Day one year from Song Sparrow in Wisconsin. They are more readily available now, if your zone can tolerate them, call your favorite nursery or garden store.
Notice the small fencing behind the tree peony? That is a flowering quince I have had for 10 years. I have never seen more than a few flowers. I am not laughing, but the rabbits are enjoying it!


  1. Our hasn't. Its usually blooms the end of May but it looks like it will be earlier.
    Our tree is as tall as me. I am not that tall LOL. I say 5'3 others disagree with me lol.
    barb911 s/e mi

  2. Wow this is BEAUTIFUL! I just love peonies! I finally get to plant some of these! I lived in Las Vegas for 14 yrs and now live in So Kentucky and the only thing besides cacti that grew nice in Vegas was roses but now I get to grow just about anything (with the exception of citrus and avocado, so sad) And I also love Hostas and they grow like weeds here! Thanks for brightening our day with your lovely flowers.



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