Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another Etsy Milestone: My first order over 10 items

Just listed a custom order for a customer for two Cricut covers and 10 scrap bags. This is an Etsy milestone for me, my first order over 10 items! The first cover is for a Create, and I used the last of my Michael Miller carnival bloom fabric. Oh, I should've bought more of this as I have had so many requests! But I can't even find it online. I am sad to let my last piece go.

And the second cover an Expression. My customer also ordered 10 scrap bags. Without sand to save on shipping and cost. She plans on filling them herself and giving them out to friends who attend a once a year crop she hosts. What lucky friends!
Things have been a bit hectic here lately and I apologize for not posting often. But life gets away from you and kids come first. My youngest had an abscessed tooth that required surgery and the next week the croup.
Next up I am speaking at the S.C.R.A.P. Guild of Northern IL.'s meeting about blogging. And a craft show in early November. I will post detail soon, in case you want to see my covers live and in person.


  1. If your a parent, you may be asking yourself what an abcessed tooth and the croup? How old is that child?! Too young for an abcessed tooth and too old for the croup, but the exception to the rules!

  2. Congratulations on your big milestone! I hope I get there someday.

  3. On another note, I thing Craft Cult's Etsy shop widget would better display your shop items on your blog rather than using the Etsy Mini. I did a blog post about it here: Other parts of your blog look so nice that it would be good to have a shop widget that better matched the blog.

  4. Congrats Clare!!! Have you made it to Scrap Shacks Closing sale? I'm soooo bummed.



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