Monday, October 11, 2010

Fun with Fabric Flowers!

Lately I have been playing with fabric flowers and thought I would share some of my favorites. This first flower is made with polyester satin cut with my Sizzix circle die and then singed with a candle. Be sure to individually singe each layer with the candle BEFORE you sew them together. I like to tack them with my sewing needle and thread and use a button center, but you can use a glue gun.
For the next flower, I used some iridescent taffeta. The kind with black in the weft direction and another color in the warp direction. In this case red. I ripped a strip about an 1 1/2" wide and pulled out the red thread. I then ran a gathering stitch along the opposite long end of the strip and gathered up the fabric. I coiled this around and hand tacked the fabric with a needle and thread. In the center I placed a vintage black glass button with gold foil edges.
Then it occurred to me that the two flowers would look beautiful together! So I made the organza base without the button center and placed the satin flower in the center. See picture below.

You could use this flower on a page, a card, a handband or even a dress. The last one ended up on a homecoming dress I altered for a friend. She loved it!

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