Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkinfest in Sycamore IL

This weekend is the 49th Annual Pumpkinfest in Sycamore, IL. Every year my friend and neighbor coordinates a neighborhood entry for the kids. She chooses a title for our neighborhood display and the kids make pumpkins to go with the title. The title is based on the theme from the Lyons who sponsor the pumpkin display at the local courthouse. This year the Theme was Pumpkins Across America and our neighborhood display is called "From Sea to Shining Sea." So, once the title is chosen, my friend makes up some props for the background of the display and a sign. Guess who cuts the letters for the sign?
I wanted to share a picture of this years props and praise and thank my friend. One end of the display features the San Franciso Bridge and the other has the Statue of Liberty. She made the bridge from old crutches and plywood and the statue from a paper machee dress form, fabric, starch, spray paint and of course PUMPKINS. Thanks to Memory, our neighborhood won first place again this year! I know that my children will alway remember these Pumpkinfests displays and making them with our friends and neighbors! Thanks Memory, for making these treasured memories for all of the neighborhood kids!

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  1. Oh how fun! I used to live close to you in Woodsotck, IL and moved here to Alabama 5 years agoa! Don't miss the cold weather and love living in the south.



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