Monday, October 25, 2010

Square Rosette Tutorial

I thought it might be helpful to share how I got the my square rosette and evenly spaced my pleats. I cut the fancy square shape with my Cricut Storybook cartridge, two times. Once of the base and once for the top. I cut two rosettes and glued them together (you should have 40 peaks). I pleated the rosette and set it aside.
I folded my base piece in half lengthwise and crosswise, then diagonally to form a X. Mark your fold lines with a pencil (see photo below).
Now using a needle and thread, baste three peak folds at each corners. Count over three, and the fourth fold is basted in the middle. Count over three and start your next three peaks in the corner on the fourth peak. Continue around, so that you have three peaks in each corner, and seven peaks along each side with the fourth peak centered over the center fold of the base.
After basting you can begin gluing. I start with the corners and work along half of each side at a time. Here is my base all glued down. Now you may be asking yourself, why not just jump in with the glue gun? I did not want to burn myself or get frustrated with misplaced pleats!
Sentiment stamp is CTMH Best Wishes, swirl stamp is Inkadinkadoo Bold Damask, berries are Cloud9 Designs.

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