Wednesday, February 8, 2012

You Might Be A Craft Addict If...

Alright, I confess, I am addicted to the crafting high! There is nothing like making a little something and loving how it turns out. So, today I had to share that I may have gotten a little out of control because I actually took the yarn from one of my son's school celebrations to craft with! He had to estimate 100 inches of yarn for his 100 days of school celebration. He brought home the yarn in the goody bag and I snapped it up when he went off to school the next day. He was much more interested in the candy! Wasn't he?!
I loved the chunky goodness of this fat yarn! So, I played with it today and zig zagged it onto some circle felt pieced I cut with my Sizzix die. Here is how the circles looked before I assembled my butterfly. After I sewed on the yarn, I made a small pleat, folding the circle where there was no yarn and sewing into the center about 1/2". I rolled a hot pink circle up to make the thorax and added a button.
I made this butterfly for my latest Pazzle Cover, which can be found at my Etsy Shop. This is the last of my Michael Miller butterfly fabric and I am a bit sad to be finished with it.

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