Saturday, June 7, 2014

Super Saturday Sale Items at Keaton Row

Here are just a few of my favorite SALE items this week at Keaton Row.  You can find them all 7 pages of ON SALE womans' clothing and accessories HERE.  In the picture above:  hard to find, trendy, white jeans, and white clam diggers!  Clam diggers in white and blue for under $30.00!  For a direct link to the jeans on sale use this:
A beautiful laser cut lacy handbag, in BLACK ONLY.  I included the teal so you can see the size and detail of the laser cut.   Really a great piece for the price!  Find it here:

And the always fashionable, VERY comfortable T-Shirt dress for under $30.00 in Black, Grey, Blue and Black & Grey Combo for under $30.00.  Find it here:

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