Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wish List Wednesday: The Jumpsuit

I have always loved jumpsuits and this year they are strong Summer trend.  On my wish list is this one from one of my favorite designers:  Vince Camuto.  I love that this will make me look taller and it looks so comfortable!  You can find it here with more jumpsuits!
I was watching this one, waiting for a sale.   I noticed they are out of my size today.  Sometimes, you cannot wait for a beautiful item to go on sale.  Here are my suggestions for when to purchase quickly and DON"T wait!
1)  If your size is average and most frequently purchased, don't wait for the sale!  You may lose out on an item you reallywant!
2)  If you have a deadline.  Maybe you want an item for an event such as a wedding.  Don't wait for the sale.  Most items will take a week to ship at Keaton Row, so plan ahead.
3)  If an item is on sale at Keaton Row, don't hestitate!  Sale items move fast!

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