Monday, April 1, 2019

APRIL is National School Library Month

Welcome to National School Library month!  For the last year and a half I have been the librarian para-professional at an elementary school in Sycamore, IL and I love my job!  

As a parent, I know how critical reading is to the success of our children, so being apart of that journey in other children's lives in an honor and a privileged.  I also feel a great responsibility being the grade school librarian.  Reading must be enjoyable for a child to become a reader.  And in our current society, their interests are being consumed by video games, smart phones, TV and more.  Along with this competition for reading time, many of our student body are not part of our local library system, and our grade school library is the ONLY library they know and use.  So, this month I am devoting my blog to posts to engage our school parents and students.

Our library is in the middle of a fund raising campaign for new shelving, tables and chairs and more.  The current shelving is sagging and some even broken (see photo below).  Our new vision includes mobile shelves that can be rolled to the side for events and speaker visits (see photos at the top of the screen).  We also hope to update our technology, and create a Maker Space.  Find out more about this fundraising campaign and donate here.

Help me celebrate National School library month, and share the love of reading with our community!  We must treat reading like other priorities in our children's lives, make sure they under stand the value of reading, provide them with variety and abundant good reading choices, make reading part of their daily routines, and keep it fun!  Even if you're not part of our community, you will enjoy great tips about raising a reader and engaging your child's love of reading.  So, check back daily and see what's going on as part of our celebration!

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