Friday, October 2, 2009

Celtic Snowflake Page

Have you ever gone to a workshop and seen something that you had to have, that has been in the catalog for awhile, but you just never saw it? I mean you went through the catalog, but the item just didn't cause you to notice it. Then, you see it in person, made into a card or a page and you realize that it is beautiful and you want it. I like to see pictures of completed items. So, here is my completed page. I love how the Celtic snowflake is repeated by the snowflakes in the actual Christmas card.
I was very happy with how this file cut! I took a clue from an Etsy designer/store owner Nicole Limbardo and used a lighter weight cardstock. She has some of the finest cuts I have seen from a machine that is not a laser cutter. I set my blade a little lower (4) and my speed at 3.
I wasn't happy with my glue choice though! I used some sheet dots and they were too strong. So, when I pulled up the snowflake from the glue it ripped a little. You may want to try the repostionable dots, I was anxious to finish some I had around the house for 8 years.
If you would like the cut file, please see yesterday's post to download below.

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