Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Favorite Swap: for a Finicky Frog!

Just had to share a photo of my favorite swapped item: a Finicky Frog pin cushion! I won a Finicky Frog pincushion and liked it so well, I asked about custom orders. She checked out my Etsy store and suggested a swap! Boy, did I luck out! She requested one of my scrapbags and in exchange I got a pin cushion. I sent her three different fabrics, and asked her to look through her supplies and see what worked with what I sent. She picked the ribbon, beads, thread and felt. It's enough to make me want to start a new collection of pin cushions! You can find her Etsy store here. I am so impressed with the quality of her work and I cannot say enough about the cost. This is value at it's finest. What a wonderful gift idea for the sewer and quilters in your life!
The mad money account is running low this time of year...I will have to consider more swaps! I would love to do a digi swap for a new banner for my Etsy store...

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