Friday, October 23, 2009

My ScrapMaBob is here!

Thanks Christmas with the Cricut and the Original Scrapbox! I just got the ScrapMaBob delivered today and I love it. I had another similar drink holder trash bag by CM and knew it was a good thing. But I have to say I like the ScrapMaBob better. The cup holder is bigger, the trashbag is bigger (and I won't need to get refills), and I like that the trashbag mount is on the front of the cup holder, not the side. When you are at a crop, it is sometimes too cozy with the side mount.
The third picture is of my CM cup holder trashbag.
I must confess though that for both products I felt the trash bag was just not pretty enough. If you follow my blog, you know I am looking for excuses to get out the sewing machine. So, for both, I made my own trash bag with Michael Miller fabric. I think both companies would do better with a prettier bag. I have seen the work you ladies make and you love beautiful things. I actually considered making bags for the CM cup holder, but the wire for holding the bag takes too long to bend and it is difficult to make. Now I am wondering if anyone might be interested in a bag made to fit the ScrapMaBob...

The black bag pictured is the one that came with my ScrapMaBob. And I would like to say that this cup holder/trashbag is a tool I suggest you have doubles of, one for home and one for the crop! I always have a bag packed with a paper trimmer, scissors, and adhesive. Then I can get ready for a crop and know I have the basics. I am now adding a cup holder/trashbag to my packed tote!


  1. I love your bag!

    How much are you selling these for?


  2. Cute bag you made! Just curious, because I'm trying to find the site with the best price (plus shipping) for the Scrap Ma Bob. What site did you purchase yours from? Thanks, in advance.



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