Friday, December 4, 2009

My Gypsy "Eye Glass Case"

The case that came with my Gypsy just seemed a little to much like a wet suit. So, I had an excuse to sew. Well, here is the eye glass case I made for my Gypsy and a little pull with ribbon and a vintage button for my stylus. I love vintage buttons! Been looking for a place to use this one, reminds be of an acorn. I looked through my stash and found something with black and pink. Not sure why PC chose orange to go with the pink and black and not green.
I cut this without a pattern and got a little over confident. Those of you who sew and have sewn two left legs know what I'm saying. Meant to cut the flap to extend over, but as I usually do, I decided to go with it and use it as an opportunity to embellish. Another item from the stash, a frog. Can you tell I used to work in fashion design?!


  1. Love it Clare. Can you please email me and tell me how much please? Thanks! Barb

  2. Soooo cute!! let me know when you want to put your blog button on the mb. Hope you like it!



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