Friday, December 11, 2009

Preparing Pieces for Assembly

After cutting out your chipboard and paper you will want to follow the steps below before you assemble your purse:
Stamp your purse before moving to the next step. For this purse I pulled out my stitching stamps from Sassafrass Lass and made a scalloped boarder at the top. I used pink embossing powder to add dimension. Add pictures if desired.

Preparing Purse Pieces for assembly
1) Cover chipboard with paper using glue and aligning edges and holes. Allow to dry. Be sure you have stamped and added photos before proceeding to step 2!
2) Cut clear contact paper to the exact size of the outside front purse piece and adhere to both purse front pieces on the inside of purse. Use your Cricut spatula to smooth out bubbles, or a Pampered Chef brown scraper. Repeat on all pieces.
3) Cut two pieces of clear contact paper ½ ‘ bigger than the purse front on all sides. Miter the corners before folding and adhering.
Center over pattered paper and wrap around to the back. Smoothing out air bubbles as you work with a pampered chef brown scraper or your Cricut spatula. Repeat on all pieces.
4) Pierce contact paper with awl, anywhere hole punch or cut with craft knife in the holes cut with Cricut along sides. Repeat the same procedure for side pieces,placing the larger clear contact paper on the front and wrapping around to the back.
5) Attach purse feet to the bottom piece, placing them in from each corner 1 inch. If you cannot find the purse fee pictured at the right, you may substitute over sized brads.
6) Using your purse handle ends as guides, place your large eyelets in the front piece of the purse and the back piece of the purse at the top, centered in the handle end.

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