Thursday, December 3, 2009

What would you like to carry your Gypsy in?

Well, it's here! My DH has purchases a Gypsy for me for Christmas. So, of course I had to make sure it worked and apply for my $100 worth of cartridges. And as you may know about me, I had to make it clothes or should I say a handbag?
So, I wondered what would I like in my Gypsy cover. Well I want an "eye glass case" style. Like the one Cricut provides only cuter! And since I am a closet messy person, I am also a purse messy person. So, I want a velcro close flap on this case, so it does not fall out into my messy purse. Next one of the women on the Cricut boards mentioned she wants a pocket for extra stylus. Yes, I want that. This style is for running errands that require waiting. Doctors offices, school pickup, etc. Don't really need cords for this. Don't you think the stylus is calling for a beaded pull, or maybe a vintage button pull?
Now onto the purse style. This I want to use when I will be out of the house for a crop. So, it will need to hold the charging cord, and the connection to the cricut cord, and the Gypsy.
Do you have ideas of what you would like to see your Gypsy in? Let me know and I will use your suggestions to make my Etsy version. Anyone who leaves a comment, with your ideas will be entitled to free shipping on one item from my Etsy store. This item may be in stock, or ask me to issue you a coupon for a future purchase. Leave your contact info, if you are interested in my free shipping for your opinion offer. Thanks!

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