Sunday, March 4, 2012

1st Communion Banner with the Cricut & Fabric

My youngest makes his 1st Communion this year and I am busy with working on craft projects for his special day. First on the list is the 1st Communion Banner. This will be hung on the side of the church pew. Our parish, gave us the cream banner and suggested we search the Internet for ideas. It had to have my son's Name and some 1st Communion images.
So, I got on the Internet and liked the idea of a church window on the banner. This church window is from Paper Lace. I used Heat and Bond and calico. I had to hide the smallest portions of the cut as the Cricut doesn't like cutting these smaller pieces. I used a fresh blade and placed the fabric face down on the mat. The heat and bond was face up on the mat. I taped the fabric at the corners of the mat, as the mat will NOT hold the fabric as well as it hold paper. The purple portions of the window are also fabric applied with the Heat and Bond.
I cut the chalice and the Pyx with the New Testament Cartridge. They are actually the same image, I just changed the cup to look more like the bowl that holds the host. This I cut in satin and it cut like a dream. I added a bit of dimension with my Rub-a-Dub marker on the cup
Next I chose to add some Art Glitter for the smaller portions of the window and my son's name. Ok, I confess, I cut this with the Cricut and I forgot to mirror the font! It was too small for it to cut well anyway, so I just cut it in paper and traced it onto the banner. I used the Art Glitter Dries Clear Fabric glue.

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