Monday, September 15, 2014

Finish the Details

This week I am hosting an online event with a Jamberry Consultant.  We wanted to show you how you can get a complete look with free styling from Keaton Row, and matching nail wraps from Jamberry!  If you are a woman who struggles to find her style or get a finished look, we can help!  The outfit above is a perfect look for a casual day, and a fabulous fashion look too!  You can look your best anytime and it's easy! You will love this blanket cape for years to come!  And the edgy zip shoulder let's you wear this top two ways!   Find the clothing here along with lots of styling idea for all types of boots.  For the nail look, this design was made with Barely Blue, Everything Nice, Caribbean Snakeskin and Aquamarine. Caribbean Snakeskin mimics the texture of the belt in this outfit, while Everything Nice and Barely Blue add some sparkle. Aquamarine is a punch of color that ties them all together.
Find the  Jamberry Nails here.  In honor of our event we holding a drawing.  See below for how to enter!


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