Friday, September 12, 2014

#FrugalFashionFriday: The Pleated Leather Skirt Options

The pace at work is picking up with the Fall and Winter season being the busiest for retailers and I have neglected my Frugal Friday Posts.  But I am back today with two of my fashion favorites:  the pleated skirt and the button down shirt.  The pleated skirt is a fabulous way to flatter your waist line and slim the waistline!  So, let's compare the high end look to the low budget look!
The high end look is made with genuine finishes and fibers:  silk and leather!  The low priced look is made with faux leather and is shorter and the fiber is cotton.  I also love the button down shirt in any finish as a frugal jacket layer.  Since I am entered the season of life with my own personal Summer most days of the year, I also love this as a jacket layer to finish the look and keep me cool!  You can find both looks here.  Don't think this look is for you, but want a high end look for a low budget price?  Send me a lookbook request at Keaton Row?    

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