Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wear it Well Wednesday: Fall Color How To's

If you love the colors of Fall, but aren't sure how to wear them, this post is for you!  Maybe you are not sure about wearing orange or yellow and want some tips.
Here is how to wear it well:
1)  Keep the amount of orange and yellow small.  Use it as an accent or an under layer.
2)  Check the mirror, I am showing this as an under layer blouse, but you always want to make sure that a blouse or top color flatters in the mirror.  If it doesn't, skip the blouse and use it as accent only.
3)  Wear it with neutral and have the neutral as you main color.  Above we have matched it with black and grey.  
Love the looks above?  Find the clothing here.   Halloween Nail Look: This look is just pure fun! Mummified, Persimmon, Veiled, and Candy Corn. Mummified, Persimmon, and Candy Corn are fashionably festive wraps to celebrate Halloween. Veiled reflects the pattern in the necklace and the sparkle adds some glamor to the holiday wraps.  And find the nail wraps here.     

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