Wednesday, September 3, 2014

#WearItWellWednesday: The Lace Poncho

My lace poncho obsession continues and today I am showing you ways to wear it well!
The first way to wear it is in the All White trend.  So, layer it over the camisole in the same shade of white and over blue jeans.  That' me in the blue and white option and the Nordstom model in the all white look.  You can wear this look over 40!
The second way is to add some color.  Here I chose traditional blue and white added a blue camisole and wove a matching ribbon through the lace to match your favorite camisole!  I also wore a pair of clam diggers in white to show off the blue ribbon woven in the bottom of the poncho!  Now this top has a waistline!

And finally I paired this poncho with a camisole dress underneath.  Go with the all white look, or add a camisole dress in your favorite color and weave in the ribbon!  I used 1 1/2 of ribbon so that I could tie a bow.

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