Sunday, November 6, 2016

UFO Challenge #45 Sapphire Blue

I am continuing to challenge you to get your Un Finished Objects done, by posting a weekly challenge inspired by wedding anniversary gifts.  This week I post my 45th challenge, and the 45th wedding anniversary present is traditionally sapphires.  So, this week use sapphire blue in your UFO project and get an extra entry!  Don't have a blue UFO?  You can still get an entry for working on any of your UFOs!  Just pull out a UFO you are working on write a blog post, on your blue UFO, then post a link to your blog post below, or photo online. 

For my project today, I am back to working on my Anna Griffin Planner.  I just ordered and received the refill pages for the next 18 months and I love this planner!  The entire planner has beautiful AG graphics and the cover is embossed faux pink leather.  She now has an even better ring available than when I ordered mine and a teal cover.  I love the pocket pages and the accessory kit that you can order to go with it too!  But I do have one complaint and it is a big one for me.  This planner starts the week on the monthly pages on Mondays (see photo above this paragraph for the original monthly page).  What!?  The week starts on Sundays!  All the other calendars, I refer to to get my deadlines and important dates start on Sundays.  We planner people, keep a planner so we don't miss a thing and having the wrong start to the week can lead to errors and missed dates or deadlines.  I have started to make my own planner stickers for the monthly pages to move the Sunday to the far left where it belongs.  I hope Anna Griffin fixes this for the next refill!

At the top of the post you can see my additions to Anna's planner to put my Sunday on the left and the added notes on the right.  I used Cricut DS to make the stickers.  The grid on the left is made with CTMH Artbooking.  I had to weld two shapes.  The note paper on the right is from a black and white pattern also in DS.  I used the Splice tool to cut a portion of the paper that had the most lines and a bit of the swirl in it and then distressed it with a bit of ink to match Anna's graphics  I love this DS paper pattern for journaling in my scrapbooks too!  .  I am going to enter this in Bittenbythebug2's flourish challenge.  I love using the paper patterns in the DS software almost as much as I like using the cut files!  


  1. What an amazing project! I don't use print and cut like I really should - thanks for joining the BBTB2 challenge!

  2. Stunning project and has to be fun in use. Thank you for joining us at BBTB2!

  3. wow - you are so creative with your planner adornments. I too had that happen one year with the week starting on Monday - I guess it is tailored to M-F workers, not to what we are used to on most calendars - it can get you off kilter, that's for sure. I haven't played around with the patterns in DS, now I have to take a closer look. thanks for joining the BBTB2 challenge this week, I love your craftiness.



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