Tuesday, August 23, 2016

August with Anna Day 23: A Quick Pop Up

One of the things I Love about Anna Griffin's card kits, is how quickly I can put together a fabulous card!  I started working a few years ago after staying home with my boys for 14 years.  And I was unable to find time to scrapbook.  I really missed being creative and getting out of the house to crop and socialize.  I stumbled upon Anna's kits after buying one as a gift for my grandmother in law who was unable to do here needle work with poor eyesight.  I thought Anna's kit would allow her to craft and have cards to mail.
Once the kit arrived, my MIL told me that her Mom would not like it.  So, I made the cards on my next night out to a crop. It was so easy to pack for the night!  Just grab the kit, glue, scissors and a paper trimmer and I was ready to go.
So, here I am tonight, starting a card at 7:50pm and wrapping up the blog post by 8:23pm.  You do have time for Anna's cards, especially if you aren't blogging about them.

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