Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Work the Stash Wednesday! Good Old Mrs. G!

If you have been scrap booking as long as I have, you may have a stash of Mrs. Grossman's border stickers. And I have to confess, I think I have had these stickers for over 6 years. But while going through my stash to try and purge, I just could not part with her lace border stickers! So, I had them fresh in my mind when I got the latest email from Heartfelt Creations. I thought I would use my lace stickers where they used their border punch. And you know, I use any old excuse to get out the Tim Holtz rosette!
So if you want this look, you will have to use a trick I learned at a Mrs. Grossman's sticker class. You will need a sticker kit (brush & powder) from Mrs. Grossman's or a small brush and baby powder. Cut your rosette and attach your border sticker with the edge of the sticker hanging off the edge of your rosette, on the right side your your rosette. BEFORE YOU FOLD OR GLUE YOUR ROSETTE, flip the rosette over so that the sticky side of the sticker is up, and carefully dust your sticker edge with baby powder.
Be sure to cover all of the open sticker areas so your lace won't stick together when you fold your rosette. For this ornament, I made two gold rosettes and sandwiched a ribbon in between. I used vintage buttons I have in my collection. Love, love, love vintage buttons!

I love Heartfelt creations!!! See picture above.
They used the Martha Stewart border punches for the edge of their rosettes and inked them. Is this fabulous!? I will be getting out my Heartfelt Creations stamps and dies and trying my own version with a flower soon! You simply must visit their gallery and get information about their Black Friday Sale!


  1. Oh WOW WOW WOW these are GORGEOUS!!!!!! Beautiful!!!

  2. Wow!! These are soooo pretty Clare!! I have to try these. TFS

  3. Great use of those stickers! Clever girl. Thanks for visiting us at May ARts!

  4. holy crap, that's gorgeous! wowzers!

  5. Great tip and the rosettes are darling!



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